International Speakers

Dr. Filippo Cardinali

Topic : Size and Knowledge matter!! Tips and tricks to get a safe and respectful shaping of the root canal system in easy and complex anatomies’

Dr. Jack Ringer

Topic : “Mastering predictable and Beautiful Anterior Ceramic Restorations”
“Digitally Designed and Manufactured Indirect Posterior Restorations”

Dr. Silvio Taschieri

Topic :

Dr. Tuong Nguyen Nguyen

Topic : Laser Assisted Endodontics... Shedding Light into and Beyond The Root Canal

Dr. Prasanna Neelakantan

Topic : Root canal debridement - Time to unlearn and relearn.

Dr. Abhishek Parolia

Topic : Dental Caries - Diagnosis and treatment Planning

Dr. Vandana Kumar

Topic : CBCT

National Speakers

Dr. Girish Parmar

Topic : Mercury free Dentistry

Dr. B. Mohan

Topic : Diagnostic dilemma in smile make over

Dr. Mithra Hegde

Topic : Clinical and Biological considerations in radiation caries

Dr. Vivek Hegde

Topic :

Dr. Gopi Krishna

Topic : Endo - Post & Core - Implant Continuum

Dr. Anish Naware

Topic : Miraculous Endodontics

Dr. P. D. Joshi

Topic : Posterior Endodontic Surgery

Dr. Ajay Bajaj

Topic : Bend The Curves! Management of Curved Canals

Dr. Anuj Jain

Topic : Salvaging the Natural - An endodontic perspective

Dr. Debojyoti Mazumdar

Topic :

Dr. Siju Jacob

Topic : Microscope Ergonomics

Dr. Prashant Hatkar

Topic : Aesthetics in Dentistry

Dr. A P Tikku

Topic : Endodontics Today - on a sticky wicket

Dr. S. Mahalaxmi

Topic : Bonding Agents - A Clinical Perspective

Dr. Usha Canounanidy

Topic :

Lt Col Sonali Sharma

Topic : Biomodification of Tooth Discoloration

Dr. Lora Mishra

Topic : Innovations in entrepreneurship

Dr. Rupa Nadig

Topic : Non traditional techniques of restoring endodontically treated teeth

Dr. Marina Fernandes

Topic : Resorption and its management

Dr. Sai Kalyan

Topic :

Dr. Ali Tunkiwala

Topic : 10 Key Steps in Esthetic Full Mouth Rehabilitation